About Asbury Park

Founded in 1871 by James A. Bradley, a broom manufacturer from New York City, this seaside resort community has become one of the Jersey Shore's most unique destinations. Bradley originally envisioned a family-friendly and religious community that would draw visitors from New York city looking to escape the summer heat with Asbury's untouched beaches and moral environment— he named the town for Francis Asbury, the first bishop of the Methodist Church in the United States.

Though the city has undergone many transformations since, Bradley's vision is still very much alive today as the wide avenues designed to draw seabreezes and dynamic parks scattered throughout the community are all remnants of Bradley's influence.

From the diverse shops and restaurants of Cookman Avenue and downtown, to the bustling boardwalk and beaches, there is something for everyone in Asbury Park. We are proud to see our hometown grow into a unique destination on the Jersey Shore whatever the season, and take special pride in creating homes that will contribute to its continued resurgence.

Downtown and Cookman Avenue

Asbury has always prided itself as being different, and the diverse shops, restaurants and lounges that line the Cookman Avenue district and downtown speak to Asbury's truly unique place on the Jersey Shore.

Along Main St. and Cookman Avenue one can find restaurants that serve nearly any type of cuisine, nestled amongst the numerous art galleries, fine shops and night life venues that have come to define Asbury's image.

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The Boardwalk

Anchored by the historical Convention Hall to the North and the Casino & Carousel building to the south, Asbury's boardwalk stands apart from the carnival games and fare found in typical shore towns. The boardwalk is home to a array of artisanal shops and delightful eateries that provide a distinct Asbury-flavor to your day at the beach.

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Real Estate Investment Opportunities in Asbury Park

Thanks to Asbury's wide array of attractions, it has become one of the most desirable places to not only visit, but also call home. The rental market continues to rise and has yet to reach its potential.With Asbury's popularity growing every year, the time has never been better to invest in properties in Asbury Park.

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